Mr Kneel - aka Neil McIntyre

 Mr Kneel is Neil McIntyre, an award winning Hip Hop musician and educator.  His work at Warren Village in Denver, Colorado, a very special inner-city school, has led to a new kind of family music: "Golden Era Hip Hop" music that parents will love as much as their kid, if not more.

 With Beatbox and vocal percussion, Mr Kneel can make magic and emotion.  With words he can create and improvise well enough to be invited recently to perform at the American Jazz Museum!  In addition to all of this, Neil is a professional GOOFBALL!!

  Mr Kneel has been fortunate enough to perform at over 500 schools and venues in 43 of the United States and 7 provinces abroad! Today he records with his life-long musical heroes and lives a very charmed life! He also loves the use of an exclamation point!!!